About Roots Coffee

Roots Coffee is a team of coffee people dedicated to delivering an exceptional  experience to our customers.  Our core values, Passion, Accessibility, Innovation and Commitment to Shared Success are the foundation for what we do.

Everyone on our team understands Coffee is many different things.  From satisfying part of a daily routine to being the focal point of a special moment, coffee brings comfort to all of our lives.  And this is where we excel.  Roots Coffee’s magic is our ability to craft thousands of variables into a simple and fulfilling experience for our customers. 

But our passion and desire for shared success carry past our customers and run deep into the supply chain. From Farm to Cup we reward quality and excellence as these are the building blocks of what we create, great tasting coffee.

We supply specialty roasted coffee to many great establishments in Bangkok.  If you care about delivering a high quality cup of coffee at your establishment, we would love to be your partner.

Otherwise, come visit us at our showcase bar at the COMMONS in Thonglor 17, daily from 8am onwards.