Colombia, Ciudad Bolivar

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Colombia, Ciudad Bolivar

Notes: Juicy, Mango, Dried apricot acidity

Producer: Juan Saldarriaga

Region: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia


Elevation1,400 - 1,800 m

Varietal: Tabi & Castillo


About the coffee

This coffee is from La Claudina farm in Ciudad Bolivar. Owned by Luis Saldarriaga, the farm is cared for by his son Juan, who is also the producer. Juan helps young producers in the same area and loves to experiment with different processing methods and varietals. Interestingly, this particular coffee is a mix of Castillo and Tabi, and is processed through the fully-wash method. For fully-washed beans, the coffee cherries are picked and pulped to remove the outer layer of the skin. Then, the coffee beans are fermented in water for a day and washed. It is this unique varietal and processing method that create such distinctive fruitiness in this creamy and juicy coffee.

Brewing guide

Dose Water Temp Time
Press 17g 270ml 94c 4:00m
Aeropress 15g 225ml 94c 2:30m
Pour over 20g 300ml 94c 2:30m