Thailand, Pa Hom Pok

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Thailand, Pa Hom Pok

Producer: Beanspire

Region: Pa Hom Pok, Chiang Mai

NotesMild, Nougat, Raisin finish

Process: Yellow Honey

Elevation1,200 - 1,550 m

VarietalSiamese Abyssinia, Typica, Cavimor



Pa Hom Pok is a single origin coffee from Fang district of the Chiang Mai province. The uniqueness of Pa Hom Pok coffee is inside the bean itself. They derive from the Siamese Abyssinia origin, a varietal that is rarely found in Thailand. This coffee is produced by Beanspire, using the Yellow Honey method. On the same day that the ripened coffee cherry is picked, the skin of the coffee fruit is also removed (pulping). It is then partially-fermented with water in a tank for 6 hours on the following day. Finally, it is transferred from the water and straight into the drying process. Once roasted, the coffee beans reveal a mild flavor with notes of nougat and raisin - a special trait to be found in a Thai coffee.


dose water temp. time
press 18 g 270 g 93°c 4:00 m
aeropress 15 g 225 g 93°c 2:30 m
pour over 20 g 300 g 93°c 2:45 m