Honduras, El Durazno

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Honduras, El Durazno

Farm: El Durazno

Country: Honduras

Region: Jesus de Otoro, Intibuca State

Elevation: 1,672 m

Varietal: Lempira

Notes: Vibrant, Nectarine, Lychee finish

ProcessFully-washed & dried on raised bed



This single origin Honduran coffee from El Durazno farm located in the municipality of Jesus de Otoro, is ranked #6 Cup of Excellence in 2017. It packs a punch with complex flavors of raspberry, lychee, nectarine and rounds off with a blackcurrant finish. Macelo Olvan Ventura is no ordinary farmer. He is the man behind El Durazno, the farm which has been producing top quality coffee with love and care for over two decades. By means of careful harvest and only picking the fully-ripened coffee cherries, he has produced a wonderfully complex coffee with much depth and personality. This is one of the only few farms in the region that is committed to solely using natural resources rather than fertilizers and chemicals.



dose water temp. Time
press 18 g 270 g 93°c 4:00m
aeropress 15 g 225 g 93°c 2:30m
pour over 20 g 300 g 93°c 2:50m