Journey Blend

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Journey Blend


50% Tanzania, Kanji Lalji Estate, Fully washed process

50% Papua New Guinea, Virgin Mountain, Fully washed process


Notes Prune, Rich, Cacao finish 



We would love to take you on a comforting journey of our signature coffee, the Journey Blend which is rich in fruity and nutty flavors from a mixture of Kanji Lalji Estate, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea, Virgin Mountain. The Kanji Lalji Estate, Tanzania is roasted to a point where fruity flavor and syrupy mouthfeel are developed. The Papua New Guinea, Virgin Mountain is mixed for its earthiness and nuttiness which results in flavors of prune, chocolate bar, and roasted almond in an aftertaste. Each bean is carefully selected and processed by a fully-washed method which means a coffee fruit is pulped and fermented before being washed.



dose time espresso
20g 24-26sec 40g